Carcharodon Profile

Carcharodon CC was founded in 1997 after marketing rights for the SharkPOD was granted to Pieter Zietsman by the Sharks board and POD Holdings of South Africa. Carcharodon was primarily responsible for the development of the freediver unit that was originally designed for scuba diving. Carcharodon now have the distribution rights in South Africa for the marketing of the newly designed Freedom 7 SharkShield units developed by SeaChange Technology of Australia. Carcharodon is involved with the marketing of the SharkShield for more than 20 years.

About Us

Pieter Zietsman has used the SharkPOD and SharkShield devices for 20 years in active spearfishing and scuba diving and has extensive experience in the use and development of the unit. Pieter Zietsman is an active spearfishermen with more than 25 years of diving experience; he has encouraged the development of the freediver unit for spearfishermen that is now the main seller for divers and swimmers alike. Pieter Zietsman also assisted members of the Sharks Board of South Africa with field trials at Dyer Island to develop the second generation devices that was the forerunner of the new SharkShield.

Pieter Zietsman holding two fishes