When you’re out there surfing, you only want to focus on the next wave. With Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf on your board, there’s nothing stopping you! The no-drag adhesive antennae on the bottom of your board creates an electrical field that creates a protective three-dimensional electrical that turns sharks away, so you can land the perfect wave.”


Full on belief

When you’re surfing, there’s no time for half measures. It requires full on belief in yourself, your equipment and your ability. The pure focus of carving along the face of the wave, with no room for fear. With FREEDOM+ Surf you’ll never have to worry again. You’ll have the confidence to push yourself and your board to the limits.

  • The Shark Shield FREEDOM+ Surf is based on our scientifically proven and independently tested electronic shark deterrent system.
  • The FREEDOM+ is mounted in the tail pad of the surfboard with the sticker thin adhesive antenna rolling around the rail to the underside of the board.
  • The FREEDOM+ removable power module can be removed for charging and between surfboards fitted with the Ocean & Earth Shark Shield designed tail pad.

The freedom to express yourself

When you drop into that wave, you want to show what you’re made of. And you will. Because you love it. And you love everything about the ocean. By using Shark Shield you get to preserve it as it’s meant to be.

  • The electrical current transmitted by the Shark Shield has been scientifically proven to have no long-term effects on sharks.
  • The Shield has no detrimental effect on any other marine creature.
  • When you use the Shark Shield you are contributing to the conservation of sharks by removing any need for culling or other harmful methods of controlling human and shark interactions.

Only a surfer knows the feeling

It’s simple. You either know what it feels like to ride a wave, or you don’t. The more you know about the ocean and your sport, your hobby, your passion, the better you surf. By choosing the Shark Shield you become a wiser, better & more potent surfer.

  • Sharks have small gel filled sacs in their snout called ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’. The Shield creates an electrical field that causes these snout sensors to spasm uncomfortably.
  • The unique pulsating electrical field is unlike any fish and won’t attract sharks to the vicinity.
  • You can’t get electrocuted by the Shark Shield antennae. (See our FAQ’s for more info)

Ocean & Earth


Ocean & Earth Logo_Freedom Surf+The design of the all new FREEDOM+ Surf is the result of collaboration with Ocean & Earth and 2 x World Surfing Champion Tom Carroll. The removable power module with LED indication for power on/off and battery life, is housed in the custom designed Ocean & Earth tail pad kicker, enabling you to move the power module easily between your boards and for recharging. The all important antenna electrodes have been designed into a sticker thin adhesive decal applied to the underside of the surfboard. The adhesive decal antenna is only 500 microns sticker thin so there is no impact on your surfing performance. This FREEDOM+ Surf bundle includes everything you need to turn your surfboard into an electrical shark deterrent. The FREEDOM+ Surf is suitable for all surfers and all surfing levels (not suitable for children under 14). Download the brochure here or view online here


  • Battery pack life Nominal 1,000 charges
  • Storage Temperature Between 0C – 60C (32F – 140F)
  • Operating Temperature Between 12C – 40C (53.6F – 104F) Lower temperatures will reduce the operating time
  • Dimensions of Main Unit (without Antenna) 208mm L x 28mm W x 63mm H (8.1” x 1.1” x 2.48”)
  • Maximum Operating Depth 50 meters (164 feet)
  • Weight (Main Unit) 230 grams (8.11 oz) (Deck Housing / Antenna) 225 grams (7.90 oz)
  • Unit Operating Time 5 - 6 hours (temperature dependent)
  • Protective Field Strength >1v/m @ 1m from centre of electrodes


  • Fully integrated solution means no impact on surfing performance
  • Twenty years of technology scientifically proven to turn sharks away
  • Near zero drag sticker thin adhesive decal antenna at less than 500 microns thin
  • Easy to remove electronics fits into kicker of the tail pad, with LED power on/off and battery life indication.
  • Order extra O&E tail pads for your boards, only one electronic module required to move between boards
  • Surfing session 5-6 hour rechargeable lithium battery
Tail-pad-Packaging_Freedom+ Surf
Tail-pad_Freedom+ Surf
Surf 7 Freedom with ocean and earth trail pad

Surf Unit Installation

How to install the FREEDOM+ Surf

The design of the Surf Unit

Field testing of the FREEDOM+ Surf

Frequently Asked Questions

Surf 7 Instruction Manual

More Information

More information on the new unit is attached and available on the Aussie website

Safety for Paddleboarders

Paddling out: it’s a ritual. It’s about enjoying the freedom and feeling the ocean without guessing what lies beneath. How much better it would be if you weren’t second guessing the shapes gliding under the surf.  The Shark Shield Surf protection device frees you up to enjoy your adventure.

The Freedom Surf is equally suitable to fit onto you paddle board to give you the same protection of what the surfers enjoy.

What sized board can I fit the FREEDOM+ Surf to, will it fit my longboard or SUP?

The FREEDOM+ Surf has been designed for all levels of surfers and to fit nearly all surf board sizes, both short and long boards.

The adhesive decal antenna length, specifically between the bottom electrode and the grip pad, is the only restricting factor. The adhesive decal antenna will fit any board where the tail width of a board, measured about 25 mm (1 inch) forward of the most forward fin, is between 420 mm (16.5”) and 480 mm (18.89) with a board thickness of no more than 25 mm (1 inch).  This covers 95% of boards. Please see antenna dimensions here.

The FREEDOM+ Surf is suitable for all levels of surfing performance with the sticker thin decal antenna having zero impact on your boards performance, please take a look at this article here on some considerations for performance boards under 5'10". Long boards with a fin box do not cause a problem because the position of the tail pad right at the back of the board like a short board is less of an issue. The electrodes not being in the center does not matter given you're usually located towards the back of the board when paddling and sitting, in the protective area of the electrical field.

The FREEDOM+ model of decal antenna has not been designed for SUP. However, it is possible to install it on most SUP boards, noting that because of the restrictions above the decal antenna may not end up in the center of the boards underside because of SUP boards width and thickness compared to a standard surfboard. The bigger issue is that most SUP's already have a grip pad in place, but take a look here at the solution one of our customers has come up with. For the installation for a SUP you may need to consider the reverse of the install on a surfboard, so install / position the tail pad first, then roll around the rail, then apply the antenna, which as stated will not end up centered. We suggest trying this fit method before removing the adhesive to ensure it will fit.

Freedom & Surf 7 Bundle

R 11 500.00

  • The Freedom+ Surf Shark Shield Bundle consists of the TAIL PAD with ANTENNA DECALS and the removable POWER MODULE & CHARGING DOCK. This set up will cover one surfboard.
  • You can opt to purchase separately from the bundle additional packs of TAIL PAD & ANTENNA DECALS (one pack per surfboard) and then use the power module as it can be removed from the tail pads and used in whichever surfboard is fitted with this tail pad. This separately available tail pad retails for R 3690.00.